I found a bunch of relationship tips online that I figured I would post plus the new 50 shades kissing scene is hot so I figured it would go well with it and why not
I hope u guys like them/find them useful!!

Okay thats all for now. I hope you guys like them and lemme know if there anything else I can do bc bored xx

“I wish that you were here, or I was there, or we were together anywhere.”

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Things I Need

  • good skin
  • $$$$$
  • a tall boy that will worship me and tell me i’m pretty 
  • 100 cats


the summary


A message to everyone who’s ever sent me anon love

the next time you get a snack out of a vending machine I hope the thingy  goes for too long and you get TWO instead



If I’m extra sarcastic with you it probably means I’m flirting with you or you really annoy me and I can’t handle your shit

Have fun figuring out which


Here’s Hyde to cleanse the negativity from your blog and dash.

Ignore my venting


I miss you so much and I want to talk to you but I can’t. I’m sorry when I said we’re ok I lied. We are not ok or at least I’m not ok. Please don’t forget me and move on. I didn’t mean any of the things I said, I’m still so attached. I can’t stop thinking about you it’s annoying me to go on everyday not being able to talk to you. Sigh.







Calming CAT!

oh my god it is calming

i think we could all use some calming cat right about now.

He’s back! Welcome back, calming cat. You are always welcome here.

Everyone should know of calming cat.

this is the thing that you have to tag because you’ll have to wait 8264589672 years to find it again